The Foundation for
The Investigation of Reality


The purpose of The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality (FIR) is to teach people to remove the obstacles that blind their perceptive faculties--physical, emotional, intellectual, and higher self faculties--that they may discover the purpose for which they were called into being. FIR believes that as these obstacles are removed, the causes of human suffering--such as the corruption of human morals, prejudices, suspicion, hatred, untrustworthiness, selfishness and tyranny--are likewise removed.

The means FIR uses to accomplish this purpose is developing, sharing, administering and encouraging others to develop, share and administer--in any and every way possible--a holistic body of knowledge named The Science of Reality , as well as applications of this knowledge which can take on many forms of expression, such as but not limited to: a secular educational philosophy, self-improvement and self-actualization courses; academic papers for purposes of publicity; preservation, computerization, further development of, and ongoing maintainance of The Master Index of the Worlds of God, and the teaching of the unique indexing technique which is used to build The Master Index.


Footnote #1:

The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality is a non-profit educational organization as per section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.


Footnote #2:

The Science of Reality is trademarked under the name of its creator, Marian Crist Lippitt.


Footnote #3:

The Master Index of the Worlds of God, also known as The Master Index of the Baha'i Writings, The Master Index of the Baha'i Revelation, and The Worlds of God Index, is the raw material from which the concepts which comprise The Science of Reality was created. This index categorizes and organizes the writings of the Baha'i Faith into an all-encompassing holistic paradigm of existence or reality.


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