The Master Index of the Worlds of God

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What It Is

How It is Organized

History of the Index

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What It Is:

The Master Index of the Worlds of God (informally known as "The Worlds of God Index") is a four-tiered hierarchy for organizing the verities in the Baha'i Writings, so that their description of "reality" can be made clear.


How It is Organized

First Tier: Conditions of Existence
All existence or reality is made up of three conditions of existence or three worlds:

These three conditions or worlds are symbolized in the Greatest Name ringstone symbol.

Second Tier: Subjects
Each condition of existence has "Subjects" which comprise it. For instance, the World of God has only one Subject, which is Deity itself. The World of Command contains several Subjects, such as: Will of God, Cause of God, Holy Spirit, and Manifestations of God while not incarnate. The World of Creation is made up of many Subjects, such as: mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdoms, time and numbers, and other-worldly kingdoms.

Third Tier: Subheadings
Each subject has characteristics (Subheadings), the total of which describe that subject's entire reality. Examples of Subheadings of a given Subject: its names, its objectives or purposes, its faculties or powers (which can be used to achieve its purposes), its actions (verbs) and its attributes (adjectives, adverbs and nouns).

Fourth Tier: Key Phrase
Examples: "The All-Knowing" is a specific example of the "Subject:Subheading" "Deity:name." Another is "The All-Bounteous." A key phrase of the Subject:Subheading "human soul:objective" is: "to carry forward an ever-advancing civilization."


History of the Index

From the mid-1950s to the mid-1980s, about 300,000 index cards were created by the National Reference Library Committee. Since Marian Lippitt's death in 1985, there have been no additional cards created.

Thus far, most of the writings of Baha'u'llah which are in English translation have been indexed. The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality is intent on teaching the indexing technique, so that the Index can be completed.


How To Index

The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality currently has in its possession most of the pages of the long 60-page indexing course created by Marian Lippitt, as well as lots of other indexing instructions she created. These are currently being studied by a few members of the Foundation in an effort to organize and consolidate the instructions, and ultimately teach the indexing technique to everyone interested.

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