The Worlds of God compilation

The references used herein were compiled some time ago after a two-year research to determine definitions of the Classifications that are indicated in the Baha'i Revelation. In 1956 the National Spiritual Assembly approved these Classifications as categories or General Subjects, to be used in preparing a Master Index of the Baha'i Revelation and other reference material for the future Baha'i National Reference Library. This Compilation was made from the result of that research, and is offered as the authority and explanation of this approved method of Baha'i indexing.

Verities that specify or enlarge on meanings of these Subjects were excerpted from paragraphs and sentences and irrelevant material was omitted in the interest of clarity. The arrangement and one-line summaries of references, together with the symbol pictures, were designed to assist volunteer indexers to learn and grasp the General Subjects under which the thousands of verities are to be classified. The purpose, in short, was to present as simply, systematically and graphically as possible Bahá'u'lláh's over-all view and categories of existence as unveiled and defined in the Baha'i Writings. Thus, since all mankind is admonished to "see" with Bahá'u'lláh's eyes, the benefits from study of this Compilation are not limited to the Indexing Project.

Prepared by

The National Reference Library Committee of
The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction: reality may now be seen for the first time
  2. Two views of Life, two ways of seeing things: the over-all and personal
  3. A reality is the sum total of the "phases" of its being
  4. The over-all picture of existence begins with its purpose and origin.
  5. The three basic conditions of existence (Deity, Prophethood, Servitude)
  6. The only connection between the three basic conditions of existence is Revelation
  7. We should Know what elements of the Greater World affect us, for they are real.
  8. Let's face the reality of God's Manifestation, part of the Kingdom
  9. Let's face the reality of our world, Creation, the condition of servitude.
  10. A close-up of Creation as a reality, the realm of Human Souls
  11. We must see the Soul as a reality, for You are really a Soul.
  12. The first phase of the Soul we must view is its power which is called spirit.
  13. We need a closer view of the power of your being, whose symbol is electricity
  14. The next phases of the Soul we must view are its origin, pattern and objectives.
  15. The last phase of the Soul to be viewed is its immediate acts and attributes.
  16. We need a closer view of your make-up, to understand your different natures.
  17. The Human being, personality or "Ego" must be viewed as a reality in itself.
  18. The "mind", mental being or Rational-man is part of a Human: a separate reality
  19. The body, physical being or Material-man is part of You, also a separate reality.
  20. Here we insert a few pages from experts on the Human body and physical make-up
  21. By viewing the part of You that's not Material, Rational or Human, we see the Soul
    • The Material-man (Body)
    • The Rational-man (Body plus Rational power.)
    • The Human being (Body, plus Rational power plus negative emotions)
  22. Mankind combines Human imperfections and what shows of the divine nature NOW.
  23. The level of your Soul development is shown in your feelings.
  24. Every reaction is step in Living, activates some degree of power or spirit.
  25. Now a close-up of the Soul's growth pattern,
  26. Different realms of being are generated by different degrees of Spirit:
    • The "Greater world" is generated by God's own Spirit (the Holy Spirit)
    • The "Lesser World" is generated by lesser degrees of Spirit
    • The Material world is the beginning stage of Creation
    • The Rational world
    • The world of Humanness
    • The spiritual Kingdom Revealed
  27. The World Order of Baha`u`llah is spiritual, part of the Kingdom revealed.
  28. The ultimate in Creation is the Kingdom of Departed Souls called heaven.
  29. We can look forward to an infinitude of glorious Worlds beyond this one.
  30. Time is a phase of reality to be coped with in Material and Human existence.
  31. Revealed Religion is what man accepts of Revelation, part of the Kingdom Revealed.
  32. Each Religion and its Revelation have in Time become a Human Religion with scriptures
  33. Baha'u'llah comes to renew religion; His Revelation, accepted, is the Baha'i Faith
  34. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating"; God invites us to taste and Know.
  35. Two-way communication with God may now be ours; He calls - do we respond?


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