The "Over-All" Viewpoint

This symbol, incorporating the letters O and A, which is read "Over-All," refers to the objective over-all viewpoint of reality.

The O or circle represents the Divine Source. Anything but the divine source would represent a subjective source or viewpoint.

The divine source is the only absolute or objective source. Everything else by comparison is relative. All of reality or existence proceeds from this Source.

Regarding the "A":

The left and right lines of the "A" represent rays of what emanates from the essence of the Source to the Condition of Prophethood (represented by the horizontal line of the letter A), and to the Condition of Servitude, also known as Creation (represented by the horizontal line under the letter A). This emanation includes such things as Life Force, Knowledge, Light and Love.

The human being on the bottom horizontal line of Creation represents the reality of the human soul, as it comes into existence and starts its evolutionary life in learning how to know and to love, by reacting and relating to its environment, and discovering its place in the Over-All picture of reality.

This symbol was created by and is copyrighted by Marian Crist Lippitt. It is used in her "science of reality" course materials.

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