As you may know, the Baha'i inspired Foundation for the Investigation of Reality (FIR) has been given custody of a unique conceptual index of the Baha'i Writings known officially as the Master Index, and informally as The Worlds of God Index (WOGI), on the condition that it be preserved and computerized for the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States.


In a letter to us, the National Assembly had written:  "The National Assembly feels that the information compiled in Worlds of God Index is valuable and agrees that the data should be stored in computer files....The National Spiritual Assembly appreciates the amount of work that has gone into assembling the Worlds of God Index over the years and admires the efforts of the many dedicated individuals who have been involved in its collection. We commend your desire to continue working with the Index, thereby rendering a distinctive service to the Cause of God."


Up until recently we have mailing out photocopies of the original cards to the volunteers to enter data via the web, but we have since enlisted the help of a computer science company in Florida (whose owner is a Baha’i) to scan the cards, such that the data entry people can type the contents of the scanned card which appears on the screen while they transcribe the information into an online form.  This is still being set up, but we anticipate this process to be working soon, at which point we will need data entry people to assist us.


If we can get just 200 people entering 10 cards a day, the Index will be computerized in 5 months.  If you or someone you know has Internet access, it is easy to do.


Please call or e-mail Michael Kafes with your questions or to get started.


Thanks for your assistance!


Sincerely yours,

P.S. If you would like to see the old indexing instructions for an idea of what is involved, click here:


Page last updated: June 23, 2007