Fifteen years ago members of this Committee in the individual performance of their duties in scattered locations, unaccountably began to experience a sudden revolutionizing of their outlook on life through an increased understanding of Baháulláhs stupendous Revelation. We began to change to feel and react more as we should. Both "new" and "old" believers were included in the group.

At the time we could not specifically account for the phenomenon. We were working on the initiation of a Master Index of the Baháí Revelation, and were learning and using the classifications of existence that Baháulláh Himself had established; and this, of course, involved working with the creative Word which always produces a notable deepening of spiritual consciousness. But before that, we had been preparing Concordances which also immersed us "in the ocean of His words," but without this dynamic result.

To check and pinpoint the exact thing that was happening, we allowed our members to use our indexing training course with members of their own communities. And soon excited reports began to pour in indicating the same results with all who were taking the course.

Opening paragraphs of letter from National Reference Library Committee of the Baha'is of the United States to its National Education Committee, 30 Dec. 1973

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