Baha'i Comprehensive Deepening Program

The Baha'i Comprehensive Deepening Program is back in print! You may want to consider how you want to use it in your own Baha'i community.

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Thanks to Tom and Terri Lavery of Pennsylvania, volunteers and Foundation who typed in the manuscript and updated the references, and to J. Michael Kafes of New York for his editing and layout.

FIR wishes to thank Justice St. Rain of Special Ideas for agreeing to publish and distribute this publication. FIR receives a royalty on the sale of this publication. You may order copies from FIR or from Special-Ideas. Note that Special-Ideas might not ship outside the United States (contact them to ascertain for sure), but FIR does. To order from FIR, you may e-mail FIR charges $10 per copy plus shipping and handling. To order from Special Ideas, click here.

The Baha'i Comprehensive Deepening Program is based on a definition of "deepening" by the Universal House of Justice.

The Foundation for the Investigation of Reality (FIR) wishes to thank the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the United States for granting permission to FIR to reprint four of the books of this Program which have gone out of print:

  1. Knowledge, Volition, and Action
  2. The Meaning of Deepening
  3. The Supreme Gift of God for Man
  4. The Dynamic Force of Example

The Baha'i Comprehensive Deepening Program was originally published as seven separate books. The four aforementioned books are currently reprinted as one volume. The others: Marriage: A Fortress for Well-Being, is still in print and available through the Baha'i Distribution Service of the United States; The Baha'i Electorical Process and The Development of Local Spiritual Assemblies, have been superseded by Developing Distinctive Baha'i Communities: Guidelines for Spiritual Assemblies and other publications relating to Baha'i administration.

The motive of FIR in having these books reprinted and made available is two-fold:

  1. The Board members of FIR recognize that there is a demand among Baha'is for this program;
  2. The mission of FIR is based on the work of Mrs. Marian Crist Lippitt, who, among other things, served as general consultant to the Comprehensive Deepening Program.

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